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Sales Training

Turning your sales people into top sales people.



Looking for 1 day training or workshop?
We are open to discuss the options with you and can even help with the organization around your training or a workshop. We are happy to book a great location, lunch and even your team drinks to blow off some steam after the event!

Your partner in sales (training)
We believe it's important to provide long-term guidance and we want to build a strong relationship with your team. We provide customized training programs carefully put together in collaboration with (sales) management. Same goals, different roles.

We help you and your team win
We assist your sales team to win by being in the heart of your sales efforts. We bring fresh energy into your team. Our passion and enthusiasm for sales and growth is contagious. 

Training topics

We provide training on all B2B sales related topics and skills. Our favorites?:  
✓Consultative selling
✓Telephone acquisition 

✓How to position yourself as an expert within your B2B industry and increase sales

✓ Topsales Mindset training

What is worse than training your sales employees and having them to leave?
Not training them and having them to stay!


Training service testimonial

Schermafbeelding 2020-07-21 om 09.47.21.png

Many thanks to Lotte Lobé from Topsales Amsterdam.

She helped us very well with the professionalization of our salesteam.

By listening carefully and contributing ideas already from the beginning of our partnership, we were able to achieve desired results. The used methods and strategies are effective and very suitable in our day-to-day work. The performance analysis about the members of the sales team are well written and give

a clear picture of what they master already and where there’s room for improvement. I highly recommend working with Topsales Amsterdam.

Michael Daals - Owner at Dare Wines

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