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In-company training and masterclasses

How it works 

Interested in a training or masterclass? Then read on quickly, because we will be happy to tell you all about it!
We have a lot of experience in training (sales) teams within various industries. We provide customized training sessions and programs, carefully put together in collaboration with (sales) management.
We bring fresh energy into your team. Our passion and enthusiasm for sales, personal branding and LinkedIn is contagious. 


We provide training in both Dutch and English

✓ Looking for an external location? We can help you with that.

Training: Social selling and personal branding (via LinkedIn)


Whatever your current sales approach, the power of social selling is an indispensable link in your (inbound) sales strategy. Learn how to position yourself as a leading expert in your industry, so you can consistently attract clients and opportunities. 
✓ The power of having a strong personal brand and how to build one
✓ Social selling and content strategy

✓ Online networking
✓ How to attract leads 
✓ Increase your reach and get insight in the LinkedIn algorithm
✓ Profile optimization

✓ How to integrate social selling with your current sales approach

Sales training for B2B

We provide training on all B2B sales related topics and skills.

Sales training options and topics:

✓ SPIN Selling / consultative selling

✓ Inbound and outbound acquisition (also cold calling)

✓ Lead generation and qualification
✓ Leading successful client meetings

✓ Negotiation and talking about pricing

✓ Relationship management

✓ Sales mindset

We usually provide a combination of the topics above based on your specific sales challenges, goals and market.

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Masterclass: Top of mind (based on the Lotte's book)

Black and White Trust Yourself Motivational Desktop Wallpaper kopie.png

When your target audience is looking for a solution you can solve, they need to think about you first!


Win a preferred position among your (potential) clients and become the go-to expert or authority in your field. 

Learn how to build a strong personal brand and stand out from the crowd. Lotte will give you tools and tips about personal branding, social selling, networking and PR. 


Step into the light if you want to be seen. It's time to become top of mind!

Messages from participants after a training

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