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Sales Strategy

We create strategies to win and retain more business.

We do this for startups and the more established SMEs.


For Startups

Sales strategy building

There’s no one magic method, trick or approach to become successful in sales. The magic lies in customized formula, carefully put together for your business and target market(s). 

But before you start with sales activities, make sure you have a killer B2B sales strategy first. Your sales strategy is your fundament and we are happy to build it for you. 


Are you ready to start generate new business and build valuable relationships? 

For the more established

Sales strategy improvement

Are you looking for sales strategy improvement? You are at the right place! We always start with analyzing your current sales activities so we can take them to the next level.​ Strategy improvement usually comes down to 3 different use cases: 

You’ve been running your company for years without a clear sales strategy because it grew fast from the beginning. It's now time to professionalize sales processes in order to stay ahead of competition. 

More traditional ways of selling and modern approaches (e.g. social selling) reinforce each other. We can help you with the modernization of your current sales strategy. 



You are hungry for new opportunities and ready to uncover your blind spots. You are looking for a second pair of eyes to improve your sales strategy, processes and approaches.

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Strategy testimonial


Topsales Amsterdam has - and continues to assist our sales team in creating and executing strategy to win and retain more business. Lotte from Topsales Amsterdam is an energetic and powerful winner - and has helped us both innovate and refine our approach. She really in the heart of our sales efforts - and a real pleasure to work with.

Nash Cohen - Owner at Student Hotels London 

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