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We can help you with your sales challenges and goals, using our own method.

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Boost your business events with one of our inspiring and fun sales talks.

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We can help you with your sales challenges and goals, using our own method.


Turning your sales people into top sales people.

Book a speaker

Boost your business event with one of our inspiring and fun sales talks.



So many businesses, so many challenges. We will work on your sales challenge using our own developed S.A.L.E.S.-method ®. This method consists of 5 actions. 








We analyse your current situation by looking into processes and stakeholders. Speaking with (part of) the sales team is important to us.

What kind of obstacles or opportunities do they see?

What do they need to perform better?



We deliver our advice in concrete action points,

supported by an

in-depth report. 

Action plan

No change without implementation. We can help you with this using training, brainstorm sessions and coaching (also in the workplace). 

Launching strategy


Evaluations moments to make sure we are still moving towards the best outcome possible.

We are your partner in sales and you can expect nothing but support from us before, during and after the process. 



How can we attract new customers?
What can we do to increase our sales volumes?
What can we do to increase our customer retention rate?
How can we improve our current selling strategy?
We are experts in our field, but can you help us with the set-up of efficient sales processes and workflows?

What is your unique sales challenge?



Turning your sales people into top sales people




Great sales outcomes start with you.

Sales is like professional boxing: you cannot avoid getting punched in the face, but you can train to prepare yourself for it and stand up quickly. Your chances to win will increase and your chances to dropout will decrease. 

• Sales people with mental strength have the ability to get the best out of themselves and show long term-performance. 
• In order to give your customers the best, you should feel at your best. 


Training results: 

• You built up more resilience and learned how to keep working on it

• You are skilled at keeping your mental energy level high during challenges and long sales cycles 
• You know how to use mindet tools like affirmations and morning routines to stay on top of your game 

• You developed an even better work ethic working from your WHY
• You know the time management secrets of billionaires and how to use them in your benefit
• You are able to achieve your pro-active goals and projects during mostly re-active workdays

• As a team you improved your bonding and you perform better as a support system

The Topsales Mindset training course is based on 30+ interviews with sales executives from 18 different

organizations among which Oracle, Salesforce, Cisco, Rifinitiv and Deloitte. Read our blog about it.

Our vision on training 

Putting it into practice

We aim for a good balance between theoretical and practical elements in our courses. Putting new insides into practice working with cases, discussion and role playing.

Goal setting

We share clear training goals at the beginning of each course. Trainees are challenged to set individual SMART goals to continue working on after the training. 

Repeat for long-term performance

Follow-up isn't only necessary in sales. One single group session is not sufficient when obtaining long-term performance. Depending on the program, we will follow-up with individual coaching sessions or online training. 

Who said training can be boring?

Not with us!

People are more open to new insights when they are gained in an inspiring and rewarding setting, away from daily routines.


We work with location partners. We offer great spaces, lunches and even drinks after the training to blow off some steam and celebrate growth. We are happy to discuss the options with you and organize the training according to your wishes.

Worth to invest in our Topsales Mindset training? We think so!
Sales professionals with a strong and healthy mindset generate 37% more sales. 


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Looking to boost your conference, seminar, team offsite or other business event with on of our inspiring and fun sales talks?

What are the main differences between a sales person and a top sales person?

This talk gives you tools and insights to become a high performer in sales.

Taking you through the phases of building a long-term relationship with your customer, using romantic relationships as a metaphor. We discuss making the first move, winning your customer's heart, getting them to say 'yes' and more. An informal and fun talk!


Customer relationships -
marriage or one night stand?

Customers rather buy from experts than from sales people.
How do you profile yourself as an expert in 
your industry?

Selling yourself as an
Sales mindset

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