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Keynote speaker

Boost your event

Lotte provides keynote speeches about sales and personal branding. Boost your conference, seminar, team offsite or other business event. She is an energetic, professional, enthusiastic speaker who adds hands-on value to your event. She practices what she preaches and turns it into an engaging keynote speech!

Keynote: Top of mind

When your target audience is looking for a solution you can solve, they need to think about you first!


Win a preferred position among your (potential) clients and become the go-to expert or authority in your field. 

Learn how to build a strong personal brand and stand out from the crowd. Lotte will give you tools and tips about personal branding, social selling, networking and PR. 


Step into the light if you want to be seen. It's time to become top of mind!

Keynote: Customized

Looking for a specific B2B sales topic or a talk that matches with the theme of your event or current sales challenges? Contact us to discuss the options for a customized talk or workshop!


Messages from participants after a session

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