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Our believe system

A new generation of sales
The world of sales is changing rapidly. More traditional methods of selling and modern selling activities reinforce each other. There’s no one magic method, trick or approach to become successful in sales. The magic lies in a powerful combination of things, carefully put together for your business. 


We bring fresh energy into your business 
We are a breath of fresh air. Our passion and enthusiasm for sales and is contagious!

‘Lotte from Topsales Amsterdam is an energetic and powerful winner - and has helped us both innovate and refine our approach. She really in the heart of our sales efforts - and a real pleasure to work with.’- Nash Cohen

Hands-on and proactive
Having a great strategy is important, but real results come from putting strategy into action. 


'The members of the Business Club were looking to for opportunities to grow their business and Lotte has given them the hands-on tools to do so. Lotte manages to explain the subject of sales in an easily understandable manner, making it comprehensible for a wide audience. Just what we needed!' - Saskia van Wolferen



Desired results are the outcome of people who feel motivated to get the best out of themselves. We appreciate different levels, personalities and talents and get everyone in your team facing in the same direction. 


‘Topsales Amsterdam listened carefully to the personal needs within our company. The confidence, commitment and results within our sales team increased significantly.’ they know how to guide your sales team on any level. Lisa Snepvangers 


We are a young and dynamic company, creating hands-on sales solutions for today's markets.

Meet founder Lotte Lobé

How it started

Lotte began her sales journey at 17, selling lottery tickets through cold calling. She progressed her way through university in Amsterdam and graduated with a master’s degree in Marketing & Sales.


Lotte gained her experience in the more complex and consultative selling world during her time in ‘The City of London’, where she sold solutions to financial institutions such as HSBC, ABN AMRO and Deutsche Bank. She enjoyed being part of an international sales team and working with clients globally. 

After spending a few years in London, Lotte moved back to Amsterdam where she continued her corporate job at ‘De Zuidas’. Not much later, Lotte took the plunge and started Topsales Amsterdam with a mission to help as many businesses and individuals succeed in sales.

Lotte is also a sales keynote speaker, boosting (business) events with her energetic, enthusiastic and hands-on sales talks. She shows up daily on social media and shares sales tips and insights about her professional life with 5k+ followers on Instagram and 4k+ connections on LinkedIn.

In 2020, Lotte was named a ‘Top 10 Female Sales Coach’ by Yahoo Finance and nominated for the VIVA400 business awards.


Lotte shares her story in the Zuidas Talkshow

We want you and your business to succeed in sales!

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