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Book an exclusive 1-on-1 session with Lotte


About the session
I always start with an intake so you can share your challenges, questions and goals with me. The session is 1,5 hour and it's possible to book a 30 min catch up call afterwards so we can keep you on track. I'll scan your social media profile(s) as well. 

Personal branding session
During the session we build the foundation of your personal brand including a strategy and concrete action points. Topics to discuss:
What do you want to be known for?
✓ What makes you different from others?

✓ Your unique personality and talents

✓ Your personal brand story and message
✓ Your social selling and content strategy
✓ PR opportunities and visibility 

✓ Room for all your questions

Strategic sales session

During the session I'll answer all your sales related questions. Examples of topics:

✓ Improving your current sales strategy and approach
✓ Leading successful client meetings

✓ Acquisition and lead generation

✓ Your services and products 

✓ Sales mindset and obstacles

✓ Room for all your questions

The session includes a copy of Lotte her book named Top of mind!

Working with a sales coach is not a sign of weakness, it's a signal of success!



Topsales Amsterdam has - and continues to assist our sales team in creating and executing strategy to win and retain more business. Lotte from Topsales Amsterdam is an energetic and powerful winner - and has helped us both innovate and refine our approach. She really in the heart of our sales efforts - and a real pleasure to work with.

Nash Cohen - Owner at Student Hotels London 

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